Have You Ever Wanted to Know What Handgun is Best for You?

ARCS Beginner Handgun Course for the Average Woman

Most women I know have a lot of questions about guns

  • What kind of gun should I buy?
  • Where do I learn how to shoot a gun?
  • How do I take care of it?
  • How do I handle a gun safely?
  • What do I do if the gun does not fire?
  • Will it go off if I drop it and so on…

In the ARCS Beginner Handgun Use for the Average Woman class we will cover:

  1. What type of gun best suits you (not what your dad, husband, etc. “thinks” you need)
  2. How your handgun works (what actually occurs to make it fire)
  3. Exploring methods of carry (finding the right way for YOU to carry your pistol)
  4. Learning & Practicing the fundamentals of marksmanship
    • Stance
    • Grip
    • Trigger Control
    • Breath Control
    • Sight Picture
    • Sight Alignment
    • Follow Through
  5. Live fire practice (at the end of the class so you can see your marksmanship improving)

What you will need for this class:

  1. An open mind….at least for the day, forget what you think you know about shooting.
  2. Eye protection (basic safety glasses or shooting glass can be picked up for less than $10)
  3. Hearing protection (both foam/rubber plugs or ear muff style are fine)
  4. Your handgun (if you don’t have a gun just bring ammo we’ll provide a gun)
  5. 50 rounds of ammunition